Process of Performance Painting

Pray, given the energy from goddess, follow my heart and imagination into shape

1. I live naturally as a human being. 

2. The great energy given from goddess become the form and appears in front of me.

some times they dance in the front of me at daily life or I dream about them or I meet them during the holiday.

3. Meditate myself

I, myself is a meditation master, it protect and support my creativities.

4.Make an agreement with energy

They start to tell their stories, A mystically unexpected thing will happen, we set the date each other.

5. To understand each other. 

To do some research, ritual, meditation, and etc…..

6. Take a note & draw some rough sketch

I don’t do every time.

7. To gather a lot of materials from all over the world.

Especially music is my key, so I always find a new song.

8. I just wait & meditate until I exceeded the limit. 

This process is extremely dangerous & sacred ritual, so I can’t do it very often.

9. Open the gate of THE MICO CASTLES

live as a human being naturally, purify my body & heart, choose a song, purify the basement studio, to set up all the materials, I meditate myself when studio became sanctuary, to pray, to perform as prayer & to start creating.

10.  I feel the light & shadow, death & alive when I am creating it on the floor.

I do have some rough sketch, but I don’t know a final form.

11. The last ritual for sealing the painting with performing a dance.

12. To choose a picture frame 

13.  To unveil a painting, it will sparkling shine by seen in people.

14. And story will continue