Artist who create an ancient ritual                         Costume Designer & Performer

MICO Profile

MICO (August, 15th, 1988) is a Fukuoka-born artist, performer, meditation master and costume designer. She created an ancient ritual at Performance Painting. She characterizes a various technique & material, especially mineral stones by a theme. Extemporaneously illustration expresses from the past to the present to the future of the person. From the childhood period, she had a strong interest in a metempsychosis which she learned from a mythology. She starts to create her own imaginary worlds, universes, goddesses, spirits, and fairies. At age 10, she made a vow to dedicate herself to the goddess of the moon as an artist. From the age of 15, she spent approximately 10 years in Canada, the US, and London studying film, theatre performance, and art. She later attended Central Saint Martins at the University of the Arts London where she further developed her talent in performance design, including live performance, opera, dance, film, costume, stage set design, make-up and stage direction. After returning to Japan in 2012, she incorporated Japanese traditional arts and culture. Since 2013, she presented her ancient ritual art and displayed her Performance Painting to the world. She was inspired by the energy of the buddhist art goddess, Gigei-ten, during Jiutamai Master Hanazaki Tokijo’s traditional dance performance of dedication at Itsukushima Shrine in 2014. The following year, she produced and presented her Performance Painting Itsukushi no Kimi. Her works displayed at the Tokijyo Hanasaki New Training Institute. Her energy of the goddesses synchronization performance, MICO MAI Spectacular Spectacles opened in 2015. Her opening performance was held in Aoyama, followed by performances and workshops which were hosted nation-wide. She joined Japan Expo in Paris in July 2016.
She dedicated her Performance Painting of the buddhist art goddess, Benzaiten and the performance of pray at the dedication ritual at Hogon-ji Temple on Chikubu Island on August 15th, 2016. She was chosen to be a first dedicator for the Japanese ancient goddess, Princess Seoritsu by Master Japanese Mountain Ascetic Hermits 13th from the Three Mountain of Dewa. It will be happening in August. The most famous historical school of Japanese painting, Kano school, Master Kano 20th gave me the permission to be called Kano. Kinobu Kano (狩野桔信). She returned to London for teaching her Golden Gift Meditation before dedication.


1988 8月15日 福岡にて誕生
1998 10歳明確なビジョンをかかげる
2003 15歳カナダ単身留学
2005 カナダの高校を卒業
2007 アメリカのCC大学入学
2008 アメリカのCC大学退学
2009 ロンドンのセントラル・セイント・マーチンズ芸術大学ファンデーション入学
2010 CSMのパフォーマンス・デザイン学部に入学
・Design for Dance:Elementary Affray at The Cochrane Theatre.衣装とボディーメーク担当
・Fruit For The Apocalypse presents Common Sounds ~ Touching The Void ~ at Sir Robert Matthew's building. 衣装担当
・English Pocket Opera Company presents オペラ 青ひげ公の城オペラ 第3の扉、宝物庫: 演出、衣装&舞台セットデザイン担当
・Dance Film: Serolis of the Red Eyes. (彼女のライフワークの物語を始めて世の中に発表した記念すべき作品。監督、マネージメント、プロデュース、衣装、キャラクターデザイン、物語、台本、ボディーペイントデザインなど担当)
・パフォーマンス・ペンティングの 誕生、サンクチュアリージュエリーパーティーの為に創られた
・ZAZA CLUB 551のロゴデザイン
・パフォーマンス・クリエイター 誕生
・チャンドラ展 青山サロン
・月と太陽の調べ展 青山サロン
・ルディック 遊び心 展 青山サロン
・薔薇姫展 青山サロン
・MAIIIOギャラリーオープン 青山サロン
・春の女神展 青サロン
・ 女神イラストレーションを創作開始
・銀座いせよし主催銀座パレード、銀座絵巻: 銀座いせよしコラボレーション
・浴衣ナイトツアー: 夏の夕べ By MAIIIO 青山サロン
・MAIIIO新作発表会 地唄舞 花崎流 家元 花崎杜季女氏と技芸天をモデルに制作 青山音楽院
・厳しの君個展とナイトツアー 青山サロン
・~ to the moon 月へ ~ 銀座いせよしにて展示
・ZAZA CLUB551 presents 表参道にてライブ・パフォーマンスとギャラリー: シンクロ・パファーマンスBY MICO
・ZAZA CLUB551主催 青山サロンにてクリスマスナイトツアー: クリスマス・ナイトツアーby MICO
・ZAZA CLUB551主催 青山サロンにてMICO Gallery 春をいざなう“風恵”
・ZAZA CLUB551主催 青山サロンにてMICO’s 線遊び Workshop in Tokyo
・花崎会主催 国立小劇場にて第十回 花崎会 桜とともに舞に酔う ~ with cherry blossom ~ 花崎紗さ氏が舞われた夕顔の扇をMICOオリジナルで製作しました)
・ZAZA CLUB551主催 青山サロンにて Your Princess Exhibition ~ 全ての女性のために for all the women ~
・ZAZA CLUB551主催 Your Princess Workshop ~ あなたのプリンセスに出会う ~ at 青山サロン
・MICO夜会 ~ 日本の女神様シリーズ ~青山サロンにて
・Saiko Japan主催 Paris Nord Villepinteにて THE MICO CASTLES in Japan Expo Paris /ブース出展、ライブパフォーマンス
・ZAZA CLUB551主催 シアターサイバードにて MICO & Yanagiman奉納作品お披露目会
・ZAZA CLUB551主催 MICO Night Tour奉納作品弁才天
・ZAZA CLUB551主催 竹生島宝厳寺にて 弁才天さま絵画、祈りのパフォーマンス、柳遊行氏の曲 奉納
・魅惑のエメラルド展 青山サロンにて 

1988 Born in August 15, in Fukuoka, Japan
1998 By the age of ten, MICO had already developed a clear artistic vision
2003 From the age of 15, she studied in Canada by herself
2005 She graduated Canadian high school
2007 She entered the university in America
2008 She stayed the university in America for a one semester
2009 She entered the foundation course of Central Saint Martins at the University of the Arts London
2010 She entered the (BA) Performance Design for Practice of Central Saint Martins
・Design for Dance:Elementary Affray at The Cochrane Theatre. She took charge of the costumes & body paints
・Fruit For The Apocalypse presents Common Sounds ~ Touching The Void ~ at Sir Robert Matthew's building. She took charge of the costumes
・English Pocket Opera Company presents Duke Bluebeard's Castle: the third door, Treasure chamber at Platform Theatre. She took charge of the direction, costume & set.
・Dance Film: Serolis of the Red Eyes. She presented her life work's story as the dance film. She took charged of the direction, management, costume, character design, story, script, body paint design, and etc.
・She graduated the Central Saint Martins
・She returned to Japan & studied Japanese Traditional arts
・She created the Performance Painting for Sanctuary High Jewellery Party for the last time.
・She designed the logo of ZAZA CLUB 551.
・She designed the logo of Sanctuary High Jewellery
・She established THE HOUSE OF MAIIIO
・Performance Creator was born
・Symphony of the Moon & the Sun at Aoyama Salon
・Ludique Exhibition ~ Playful Mind ~ at Aoyama Salon
・Lady Rose Exhibition at Aoyama Salon
・MAIIIO Gallery Opened at Aoyama Salon
・The Goddess of Spring Exhibition at Aoyama Salon
・Performance Illustration started
・ Goddess Illustration started
・ Parade & Ginza Picture Scroll collaboration
・MICO Studio at Swiss Cottage, London opened
・Yukata Night Tour: Summer Evening Event at Aoyama Salon
・MAIIIO New Performance Painting Event produced and presented her Performance Painting Itsukushi no Kimi for Master Jiutamai Hanasaki Tokijo
・Itsukishi no kimi Exhibition & Night Tour at Aoyama Salon
・Display of Performance Painting ~ to the moon
・MAIIIO reborn to MICO & THE MICO CASTLES was born
・ZAZA CLUB551 presents Live Performance & Gallery: Synchro Performance By MICO at Polygon Omotesando
・ZAZA CLUB551 presents Xmas Night Tour: Xmas Night Tour by MICO at Aoyama Salon
・ZAZA CLUB551 presents Spring Wind Gallery at Aoyama Salon
・ZAZA CLUB551 presents MICO's Playful Line Workshop in Tokyo at Aoyama Salonkyo)
・Hanasaki kai presents The 10th Hanasaki kai with cherry blossom at National Small Theatre. MICO created her special hand-made Japanese Noh fan for her sister, Ms Hanasaki Sasa
・ZAZA CLUB551 presents Your Princess Exhibition ~ for all the women ~ at Aoyama Salon
・ZAZA CLUB551 presents Your Princess Workshop ~ meet your princess ~ at Aoyama Salon
・MICO presents MICO Night ~ Japanese Goddess Series ~ at Aoyama Salon
・Saiko Japan presents THE MICO CASTLES in Japan Expo Paris / Exhibition stand & Live Performance / at Paris Nord Villepinte
・ZAZA CLUB551 presents MICO & Yanagiman Benzaiten Event at Theatre Cybird
・ZAZA CLUB551 presents MICO Night Tour ~ Decication of a Benzaiten Painting ~ at Aoyama Salon
・ZAZA CLUB551 presents Dedication of a Benzaiten Painting, Performance of Prayer, Music by Yanagi Yugyou at Hougon Temple, Chibu Island
・MICO presents The Enchanted Emerald Party & Exhibition at Aoyama Salon